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Friends of the Light – another translation

I translated another one of my stories. It’s called “Friends of the Light” (Swedish title: “Ljusets vänner”), and it can be read here. Do it. It’s very short. You’ve got the time. Life is life. Na na na na na.

Lungs – translating yourself and trying to be humble about it

I decided to try my hands at translating one of my own stories into English, since I know there are people out there (hi!) who might like to read some of my stuff but can’t since, well, they don’t understand Swedish. Can’t really fault them there! Translating yourself brings a lot of temptations, not the least being trying to improve things you think you could do better than the first time around. But the piece I chose – “Lungor” – was written not too long ago and, as with many of my stories, is pretty short, so there really isn’t much to change. I’m not saying it is – or was – perfect, but there you go. It is available under ”NOVELLER”, or by clicking here. Thank you for reading!