The last couple of months I’ve been working on a project I’ve decided to call ’Cinquante-deux’, which is French for fifty-two. Yeah, I’m a pretentious bastard. Anyway, the project consists of as many short prose pieces as there are cards in a regular deck of cards, with each text consisting of no more and no less than fifty-two words. Clever, huh? The pieces are virtually stand-alone, even though some of them have some themes in common. Some of them are surreal, some corny, some sweet (I hope), some funny and some really really bad. The thing is, I wanted to include even the bad ones, as I believe that reflects myself and life more accurately. Nobody’s perfect, so why should art be? Something like that. Yeah, this stuff is written in Swedish, just to let you know. Maybe I’ll translate some of the pieces along the way, but for now, enjoy them as they are. To view a PDF-document containing all the pieces, simply click the picture below. You’ll need Acrobat Reader or somesuch program, of course.

UPDATED – SEE OCT 30:TH 2011 POST (in Swedish)