I’ve decided to continue writing this blog in English. The reasons are pretty simple. At one point in life all I did was write in English. Although my native tongue is Swedish, English always came easier and so I wrote a shitload of texts, stories and poems in that language. Only later did I realize I should give Swedish a go if I wanted to get published someday. Gradually I rediscovered my own language and today I write almost exclusively in this charming north-Germanic language.

Writing blog entries, however, is an entirely different matter. My main reason for launching this blog was the somewhat simplistic thought that maybe, if I managed to keep up a steady stream of more or less nonsense entries, that’d rub off on my fiction writing. But things went in the complete opposite direction. Instead I felt uneasy at the ”immense” pressure of having to write new entries all the time. So, to keep it short, I discovered that maybe, if I kept to writing prose in Swedish and writings on writing, literature, music, whatever in English, maybe that’d work. So here I am. Maybe the fact that I’m keeping my fingers busy now will also affect my fiction writing positively. Who knows. We’ll see.

There will be no translating of previous entries, however. The past is the past and now is, well, for lack of a better word, now.